Privacy Policy

(According to the new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) 2016/679 of 25 May 2018)

BALSA INVEST, LDA. which uses the trade name "BALSA INVEST" is committed to protecting the privacy of all clientes and users of our website. To this purpose, we prepared this privacy policy.

In order to ensure our commitment to the privacy of our customers, BALSA INVEST, LDA. has adopted the best practices in personal data security and protection (see “Privacy Policy”), under the terms described below.

In this regard, in order to ensure that all personal data are processed and protected in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation, we ask you to read our new Privacy and Data Protection Policy carefully.
It is extremely important that you read and give your express consent to the maintenance and processing of your personal data, in order to authorise the transmission of communications in accordance with the rules defined herein.

In addition, it is important to clarify that simply browsing or accessing the BALSA INVEST, LDA. website will not necessarily imply cookies (whose policy you may and should read here) or the collection of your personal data.

1. Personal Data

Personal data means any information regarding an identified or identifiable natural person, of any nature and regardless of the means.
An identifiable natural person is someone who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier (e.g. identification number, location data, electronic identifiers or one or more specific elements of the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of such a natural person).

Through this website, and depending on the purpose of data collection, the following personal information can be gathered: (i) name, (ii) date of birth, (iii) contact details (telephone number and e-mail address), (iv) company represented and (v) required information that is relevant to assess the suitability of candidates to work at BALSA INVEST, LDA.., namely professional experience and academic qualifications and (vi) interest in the acquisition of the services and goods commercialized by this company.

2. Responsibility for the Processing of Personal Data

BALSA INVEST, LDA. legal person under no. 515 634 697, with registered office at Rua Veríssimo Almeida, n.º 26 – R/C - 8000-444 Faro – Portugal is the entity responsible for the collection and processing of personal data for the purposes set out below.
If you believe that the information contained in this Privacy Policy is not sufficiently clear and/or transparent, or for any other reason that you may deem relevant, please contact us at:

3. Purpose of the Processing of Personal Data

The collection and processing of personal data on BALSA INVEST, LDA..’s website is intended for: is intended for: (i) provision of services - whenever necessary to provide you with our services, we treat your personal data. for this purpose your data will still be processed to provide third party services, when you have expressly consented. (ii) marketing effects - your personal data, traffic, geographic location, profile and / or consumption are also treated for the purpose of marketing or disclosing offers of goods or services of BALSA INVEST, LDA. and other companies in the same business group if you have authorized it.

These communications are intended to make you aware of new goods and services or other opportunities that you may benefit from. (iii) reporting effects of market trends and general information. (iv) recruitment and selection of candidates, (v) sending, upon express request of the user, proposals for services and / or budgets and (vi) invoicing of goods and services, (vii) information on holiday rentals and properties for sale and rent in Portugal, or other information on BALSA INVEST, LDA.. products and/or services), therefore the filling of the form corresponding to each of the purposes and/or the submission of the curriculum vitae (in case of the collection and processing of personal data for the purpose of recruitment and selection of candidates) corresponds to the prior and express consent to the processing of the personal data transmitted.
If the user expressly and previously allows the processing of their personal data (which consent can be revoked at any time – see section 5 below), BALSA INVEST, LDA..undertakes to ensure the processing of the personal data to the extent and for the time necessary to the pursuit of its purposes.

In view of the foregoing, BALSA INVEST, LDA..clarifies that is does not request or encourage, in any place or in any way, the submission or transmission of personal data related to philosophical or political beliefs, party or trade union affiliation, religious faith, private life and racial or ethnical origin, as well as the processing of data related to health and sexual life, including genetic data.

Therefore, and if personal data is transmitted to BALSA INVEST, LDA.., it cannot be held liable for their processing under this Privacy Policy.
Without prejudice to other forms of contact with BALSA INVEST, LDA.., the non-transmission of personal data by the user prevents BALSA INVEST, LDA..from considering him/her for the purpose of recruiting/submitting proposals and/or budgets or other information, as applicable.

4. Maintenance of Personal Data

The period of time during which personal data are stored and maintained will vary in accordance with the aforementioned purposes.

In this regard, it should be clarified that personal data relating to the potential customers and the recruitment and selection of candidates may be maintained for the period necessary to comply with the purpose (e.g., if the applicant joins BALSA INVEST, LDA.., his/her personal data will be processed for human resource management purposes; if the applicant does not join BALSA INVEST, LDA.., data can be maintained in reserve for future recruitment processes, without prejudice to the right of the holder to request the suppression of their data at any time, as indicated in section 5 below).

Personal data whose purpose is the submission of service and/or budget proposals or information regarding new BALSA INVEST, LDA..products and/or services will be stored for a period of one (3) years after the latest contact with the holder of the personal data, without prejudice to the fact that longer periods may be applied whenever the situation justifies it (provided that proportionally to such situation), namely to safeguards the rights of BALSA INVEST, LDA...

5. Right of access, rectification, deletion, limitation of processing and portability of Personal Data

The user is guaranteed, at any time, the right of access to their personal data, as well as to their rectification, deletion, portability, limitation and/or opposition to the processing – in this regard, the user may exercise any of these rights by addressing in writing to BALSA INVEST, LDA..through the address of the registered office or through the following e-mail:

6. Security in the Processing of Personal Data

Personal data will be processed and stored in electronic means and paper format.

BALSA INVEST, LDA. undertakes to ensure the security and protection of personal data you submit to use through the website, forms, applications, contracts and requests for information or budget, having adopted the appropriate measures necessary for this purpose, namely: (i) password protection, (ii) use of digital certificates, (iii) physical entry restrictions to the premises where the personal data storage servers are located; (iv) firewalls, (v) secure communication via https protocol.

BALSA INVEST, LDA..informs that said security measures are reviewed and updated according to the needs and requirements on these matters.
If, for any reason, there is a breach of security that causes, accidentally or unlawfully, the destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorised access to personal data, BALSA INVEST, LDA. undertakes, in accordance with the applicable legislation, to notify the competent authorities, without undue delay and, whenever possible, within 72 hours of becoming aware of such occurrence.

In addition, under the terms referred to in the preceding paragraph, BALSA INVEST, LDA..undertakes to report the violation of personal data to the respective holder of said data, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Notwithstanding the security measures taken by BALSA INVEST, LDA.., it is important to point out that the users should also take additional security measures, in particular to ensure that there is an up-to-date active firewall, antivirus and anti-spyware.

7. Communication of Personal Data to Third Parties
In the course of its business, BALSA INVEST, LDA.. may use third parties to provide certain services (located inside or outside the European Union), which may imply, in some cases, access by said entities to personal data of users.

In such a scenario, BALSA INVEST, LDA.. undertakes to take the necessary and appropriate measures, in order to ensure that entities that have access to such personal data are reputed and offer high guarantees in this regard, which shall be duly provided for and safeguarded in writing in the agreement to be entered into between BALSA INVEST, LDA..and the third party/parties.

In fact, any entity sub-contracted by BALSA INVEST, LDA..will process the personal data of users, on its behalf and account, undertaking to take the necessary technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, dissemination or unauthorised access, and against any other form of unlawful processing.

Where necessary, and within the scope of sub-contracting of third parties by BALSA INVEST, LDA.., personal data may be transferred to outside the European Union, under the terms and conditions permitted by the applicable law.

8. Right to be Forgotten
The holder of personal data has the right to obtain from the person responsible for the processing of personal data the deletion of his/her personal data, who, in turn, will be obliged to delete them, whenever one of the following reasons applies: (i) data are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected or processed; (ii) the holder withdraws consent, when the consent is the legal basis or the holder opposes the processing and there are no prevailing legitimate interests justifying their maintenance.

9. Access to third party websites

The Privacy Policy is not applicable to third party websites. In this case, whenever you visit other website from this, you should always read the applicable privacy policy and verify that you agree with its terms before providing your personal data.
BALSA INVEST, LDA..shall not be liable for the applicable privacy policy nor for the content made available on third party websites.

10. Changes to the Privacy Policy

BALSA INVEST, LDA..reserves the right, at any time, to make adjustments or changes to this Privacy Policy, and such changes shall be duly published on this website and communicated to the holders of personal data.
The published version on the website is the one currently in force.


This information is for guidance only, does not constitute legal value, and is not intended to be a substitute for consulting the applicable legislation. We strongly recommend that before perform any property purchase seek legal and tax advice.

This information is for guidance only and is translated here in several languages, however in case of doubt or discrepancy you should only consult the Portuguese version.