Rentals Management


Our services:
- Commercial Analysis;
- Preparation of the House;
- Booking / Sales Management;
- Check-in and Check-out;
- Cleaning, Laundry and - Maintenance.


Benefits of working with us:
- We are local. Connoisseurs of the market and the region.
- Experience. Complete accommodation management.
- Transparency. We value lasting relationships.
- Freedom. You can enjoy your vacation at your home.
- Trust. Guaranteed payments.


Income modalities:
- Fixed Income;
- Variable Income;


I want to move forward with rentals. What are the next steps?
- Visit to the Property;
- Commercial analysis (preparation of an assessment of the house and its inventory);
- Contract signature;
- Licensing of Local Accommodation;
- Preparation of the House;
- Opening of Reserves / Sales;


The legal framework of the activity:
- The legal regime for Local Accommodation Establishments is provided for in Decree-Law No. 128/2014, of 29 August, amended by Decree-Law No. 63/2015, of 23 April and by Law No. 62/2018, of August 22. Decree-Law No. 128/2014, of 29 August.


Looking to rent out for Holidays your property? contact us:
+351 912 161 547