Tax Benifits - Others

Portugal has been in recent years implementing exemptions tax reforms and today offers an attractive tax regime for all who wanted to take advantage of investment opportunities in the country. People from different countries choose Portugal.

a) Tourist use and guest houses
Properties forming part of resorts that have been assigned for tourist use, or that are used as guest houses are exempt from the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) for a period of seven years.

b) Urban redevelopment
Properties on which the property owner has carried out refurbishment work may be entitled to Municipal Property Tax (IMI) and Tax on the Transfer of Property for a Valuable Consideration (IMT) benefits.

c) Cultural heritage
Acquisitions of properties classified individually as being of national interest, public interest or municipal interest, under the terms of applicable legislation, may be entitled to Tax on the Transfer of Property for a Valuable Consideration benefits (depending on the requirement to submit this prior to the act or contract and prior to verification), and to Stamp Duty and Municipal Property Tax benefits.


DISCLAIMER - This information is for guidance only, does not constitute legal value, and is not intended to be a substitute for consulting the applicable legislation. We strongly recommend that before perform any property purchase seek legal and tax advice.